Patrick Carpenter is a guitar slinger from Jackson, Mississippi. After moving to Nashville, Patrick quickly became a lead guitar player supporting acts around town before chasing his own artist career of his own. His 2021 sophomore album "Chasing Me" debuted at #1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts while crossing over 1 Million streams a month later. His latest single "Living" was featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds playlist as Carpenter has officially surpassed over 3 Million streams and reached over 500K listeners. 

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EP 55 - Dan Kouba: We The People

July 25, 2022

Country music singer/songwriter Dan Kouba proves his dedication to the well-being of our country with the release of his latest patriotic single “We The People.” Drawing from ideas written out in the U.S. Constitution, the song showcases Kouba’s love for our nation. The inspiring song recognizes those who fought for our country and urges everyone across the country to come together in unity. “We The People” was premiered by Center Stage Magazine and is available to download and stream on all digital platforms now!

Kouba’s gifted vocals and songwriting skills go beyond this new single. Dan Kouba’s talent shines in each tune he creates, giving listeners songs that are both relatable and meaningful. 

Full of life and feeding off the world around him, the release of “We The People” proves there is no slowing down for the accomplished musician. Fans will not want to miss everything Dan Kouba has planned in the next few months!

EP 54 - The Amazing Grace - John Elefante

July 25, 2022

John Elefante is an American singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and very successful record producer. He is known for his tenure as frontman of the rock group Kansas, the founder of Mastedon and the super producer for Petra. 

As an artist, John Elefante credits include writing and singing lead vocals on three multi-platinum albums; as a producer, his albums have earned numerous Dove Awards, four Grammy Awards, and ten Grammy nominations.

John Elefante’s resume is so long that we would be here all day just go through his numerous accomplishments. We’ll touch on some of it, and John is here with a new album “The Amazing Grace” with his new hit single “Stronger Now.”

EP 53 - One of Australia’s Greatest Songwriters Andrew Farriss (co-founder of INXS)

July 14, 2022

Known as ONE OF AUSTRALIA’S GREATEST SONGWRITERS, ANDREW FARRISS is known as the co-founder and the main songwriter, keyboardist/guitarist, and backing vocalist for multi-award winning iconic band INXS selling over 50 million albums. 

Andrew Farriss recently released his self-titled debut album, inspired by adventure and the unknown. He put his heart into the creation of the album which is evident through his imaginative lyrics and stylistic melodies. “Drifting” sets the tone for each dynamic song, delivering hopeful energy that makes you want to pack up and head out for your own unique adventure.

Nothing can stop Andrew Farriss’s creativity and his new album screams road trip, so hang on and let’s welcome the one of Australia’s greatest musical talents, the one and only Andrew Farriss.

EP 52 - Singer/Songwriter Cory Singer Shares his Journey with Autism

July 13, 2022

Cory Singer is an accomplished singer-songwriter/musician and theater performer. He began his career in 2005 in musical theater and through 2013, he celebrated many achievements as an actor in musicals and Broadway. 

As a musician, Cory Singer has performed in arenas before thousands nationwide. He starred on Bravo’s singing competition show "The Kandi Factory," winning the grand prize: a song penned by Grammy-winning artist Kandi Burruss entitled “I Can Do Anything.” Cory is an exceptional songwriter in his own right. His original songs are in very high demand. Country supergroup The Highway Women (now ElectraQueens) recorded his song "The Devil" in 2018. 

In 2020, during the pandemic, Cory Singer took to TikTok and decided to share his journey with autism. He has since become an influencer and an advocate for children, families and adults who are on the spectrum. He has used his platform (408k followers and 13.8m likes) to promote positivity by inspiring others with his unique brand of levity, coining the phrase '"Let’s Normalize Autism." Additionally, he is a part of the board of directors for the I Am Able Foundation and is an ambassador for Sound Mind Network.

EP 51 - Shane Owens: You Go Good

July 12, 2022

Shane Owens makes traditional country music for the modern world. Timeless and timely, it’s a classic sound with a contemporary edge, driven forward by a mix of Southern storytelling, Bible Belt twang and Owens’ big, booming baritone. 

Long before he hand-built his career in the honky-tonks and country clubs of the Southeast, Shane Owens grew up in Alabama. In many ways, it was a classic American upbringing, centered on family, faith and music.

Shane Owens has been building a strong following for more than a decade. His powerful vocal range combined with the emotional lyrical content of his songs has made him a favorite of fans, critics, and fellow artists alike. 

Shane Owens puts his southern charm on display with the release of his latest single “You Go Good.” Owens’ lyrics prove how some things just fit perfectly together, whether they’re a likely pair or not. 

Like how a “Sunday needs a sermon” or as opposite as Hollywood and red clay Georgia, all he knows is “you go good with me.” Owens’ distinct voice shines on this sweet tune, delivering the perfect country love song. 

And without further a due, one of my favorite voices in country music today, Shane Owens.

EP 50 - Ian Flanigan: Hard Work Equals Success and new Singles ‘Under the Southern Sky’ and ‘Last Name On it’

July 6, 2022

When it comes to the troubadour lifestyle, Ian Flanigan is a pro. For the last decade Ian has toured across America, with a country sound reminiscent of Joe Cocker and Chris Stapleton.
Singer, songwriter, a celebrated finalist on NBC’s The Voice, the world has since tapped him as an up-and-coming artist to watch. Following a year of milestones, Ian Flanigan is overwhelmingly grateful for the response to his most recent single, “Grow Up” featuring Blake Shelton and released under Reviver Music. 

Blake Shelton called Ian Flanigan “A once in a lifetime vocalist” and "The most unique voice maybe I've ever heard on The Voice." Usher called him a "Top Gun." Gwen Stefani said, "Nobody has a voice that sounds like that, it's just so rare."

Let’s welcome one of the most distinct voices in music today to talk about his current single and more, the one and only Ian Flanigan.

EP 49 - Lupita Infante: Keeping Her Family Legacy and Mexico’s Beautiful Music Traditions Alive

July 5, 2022

With an elegant and graceful style reminiscent of Mexico’s classic mariachi crooners, recording artist Lupita Infante brings a sensual and soothing vocal contrast to the bold sounds of regional Mexican music. Infante’s GRAMMY nominated debut album, “La Serenata”, is proof that she is a star on the rise not only for her talent but for her perseverance. Although heir to the Infante Mexican music and film dynasty, Lupita has worked diligently amidst hardship for her current successes. 

She had a humble upbringing typical of working class immigrant families in south east Los Angeles. She was far removed from the spotlight and luxury that her last name might suggest. After her father’s untimely death in 2009, Lupita rose from the ashes and decided to pick up the torch of the Infante legacy. 

Lupita understands her responsibility as an artist following in her family’s footsteps. She is often acclaimed for continuing the legacy that brings cross-generational audiences to admire Mexico’s beautiful music traditions. Along the way, she has emerged as an artist with her own identity, capable of honoring the past while celebrating the present and creating the future.

EP 48 - Love Should Be Brave

June 29, 2022

With a strong spirit and unique sound, singer/songwriter Judy Paster takes listeners on a musical journey extending a beautiful branch of serenity and escape from the chaos of everyday life. Evoking inspiration, Paster’s music resonates with listeners spanning multiple genres and generations, and even further into the musical cosmos - conveying the tales and weaving the dreams of life. 

Judy Paster has garnered numerous music awards including the 2021 Josie Music Award for Folk/Americana Artist of the Year, and a Canadian Covenant Award for co-writing the Jazz Blues Song of the Year, she is a three-time Gospel Music Association Covenant award-nominee, and has 
recorded with Southern Gospel legends, the Gaithers.
Judy Paster has released a powerful and pure new single, "Love Should Be Brave.” It is an elegant and authentic arrangement, making this an unforgettable tune that will speak to the hearts of listeners everywhere and carry them on an enchanting musical journey.

EP 47 - Global Pop Star SHAB Talks New Song CRISS CROSS

June 29, 2022

The youngest of 13 children and coming to America when she was just 14 years old. She became an American citizen in 1997 and not only proud to call herself an American, but her talent has a global appeal that cannot be matched by today’s pop stars. Following her #2 spot on the Pop Charts with the hit single Music to My Heart, SHAB, has released her hot new single, ‘CRISS CROSS’. A song filled with an ever-burning romantic passion. Within the vocals lies alluring melodies dancing around dark seducing beats. 

Produced by Grammy-winning producer Damon Sharpe, ‘CRISS CROSS’ deserves to be the theme song of everlasting love.
And with millions of YouTube views and fans worldwide, SHAB delivers a kaleidoscope of sound that goes hand-in-hand with her introspective and powerful lyrics with huge choruses and distinct yet unpredictable vocals in the purest recordings in pop music today.

EP 46 - America’s Got Talent Sensation Celina Graves Inspires Her Fans Across America

May 18, 2022

Celina Graves grew up in Mira Mesa, CA a small town where the challenges she faced as their family came to grips with her mother’s drug addiction were keenly felt by young Celina. 

She developed her own ear for piano and guitar and with her father’s encouragement, she posted videos on YouTube, earning an astounding 6 million views at age 16.

Celina strives to inspire people to be themselves and never change for anyone or anything. Her voice captures the spirit of so many as she writes and sings from the heart. 

Most recently Celina sung the National Anthem for the 2020 San Diego Padres Playoff game and their 2021 season opener along with the MLS LA Galaxy game. 

Celina Graves is best known for her performances on Season 15 of America’s Got Talent progressing to the semifinal round.

Celina is anxiously anticipating the release of her debut CD to follow her pop dance single “Changing Ways” on the Three 2 Go Music label.

EP 45 - Music, Fashion and Rock n’Roll with Tom Cridland

May 16, 2022

Tom Cridland is a singer songwriter. When he started writing songs. he prolifically recorded over 100 of them and then played a gig all 48 continental US states. Tom's original music then caught the attention of the legendary Philadelphia soul band, The Stylistics, who invited him to perform his songs with them on their 2021 UK tour. Tom's latest single, I Wanna Be Home Alone, is a collaboration with longtime Elton John guitarist, Davey Johnstone.

Tom's Greatest Music of All Time Podcast features candid conversations with his esteemed guests about pop culture, current affairs and the music that means the most to them. Episodes have featured Annie Lennox, Dionne Warwick, Chance the Rapper, Smokey Robinson, Kevin Bacon, Sir Cliff Richard, Lynyrd Skynyrd, David Crosby, Pixies, The Hollies, Steve Perry of Journey, by now you get it that Tom Cridland is becoming pop culture himself.

Tom also designs clothing to last longer and be treasured, in direct contrast to the fast fashion philosophy that has become so prevalent in modern culture.

EP 44 - Elite ParaRescue Team Member to Country Music Star

April 19, 2022

Donovan Chapman joined the United States Air Force at age 17.  His family’s legacy of service runs from World War 1 & 2 to Vietnam. He himself served in Kuwait in 2000 in support of Operation Southern Watch and served in Afghanistan/Uzbekistan in 2002 and 2003, respectively. 

During his time of service, he suffered spinal, nerve and TBI’s requiring multiple surgeries and reconstruction.  He was told he would never sing again, but the Lord had a plan and where there is no way, He makes a way. 

Donovan Chapman is an open book in his songs, many of which tell stories of our military veterans as well as those who serve in law enforcement. He is here today to talk about his service to our country and community, overcoming hardship and surrendering to God’s way as well as his brand new album Brotherhood and the new single Highway Patrolman.

EP 43 - William Lee Golden & The Goldens: The Family’s Favorite Songs

March 29, 2022

Country and Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry member William Lee Golden and his sons ‘The Goldens’ continue to celebrate the success of their current
single, “Come And Dine,” off their upcoming 
album, Old Country Church Gospel. 

“Come And Dine” has received overwhelmingly positive responses on social media, surpassing 1 million views on Facebook. Not only is the single their first #1 hit, but it has held the spot on the CDX-TRACtion Southern Gospel & Positive Country Chart for 7 weeks now! 

A favorite of Golden and his sons, the tune is an upbeat classic that calls to feast at the table with Jesus. “Come And Dine” was the first of three singles released off their three-album collection including two others titled Country Roads: Vintage Country Classics, and Southern Accents:
 Pop & Country Rock. 

The albums contain over 30 songs spread amongst several genres that all have an impact on the lives and careers of William Lee Golden and The Goldens.

EP 42 - Country Music Legend Lacy J. Dalton: In Her Own Words

March 24, 2022

First hitting the Country Top-20 in 1979 with “Crazy Blue Eyes,” Lacy J. Dalton was one of the most successful female vocalists of the format during the 80s with the CMA-nominated anthem “16th Avenue,” as well as hits like “Takin’ It Easy,” “Everybody Makes Mistakes,” and “Black Coffee” to name a few.

During her career, she has collaborated with such Country Music Hall of Fame members Bobby Bare, Glen Campbell, Willie Nelson, and George Jones. She toured with outlaws like Hank Williams Jr. at a time when it was very unusual for a woman to do so. She also toured for a long period of time with Willie Nelson and was the only female on his 'Half Nelson' album.

Lacy J. Dalton is a 2017 inductee of the North American Country Music Association International Hall of Fame.

EP 41 - I Hit the Road (and the Road Hit Back) with Country Legend Dallas Wayne

March 17, 2022

allas Wayne considers himself lucky to be able to make a living doing something he loves. Some people might say it has more to do with talent than luck. But this native of Springfield, Missouri, Dallas Wayne is a talented singer, songwriter, and in between his many albums, his touring he is also the host of SiriusXM’s Willie’s Roadhouse on Channel 59. 

If you ever want to hear one of the smoothest voices in country music, look no further than Dallas Wayne and his new album Coldwater, Tennessee. 

Let’s welcome multiple award winning veteran country music artist, and a favorite at the Grand Ole Opry, the one and only Dallas Wayne!

EP 40 - Nicole Serrano: Going from Worship Leader to Soulful Alternative Pop to the Oscars

March 13, 2022

Singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist, Nicole Serrano’s rich, soulful and emotional voice captures you immediately, carving her own path between soul and alternative pop. 

Steeped in a deep history of worship music, Nicole Serrano is now showing off a new side, evolving her sound and creative passion into a fuller frame of what’s always been there. 

Over the past 5 years, Nicole Serrano has been able to write and lead worship as part of Red Rocks Worship, toured with Chris Tomlin & Matt Maher, partnered with Capitol Records CMG & Provident/Sony on various projects, all the while recording and releasing 4 independent albums. She’s excited about this new creative season as she expands her sonic palette and prepares to release more new music.

EP 39 - Successful Marriage in the Music Business with Lang Scott & Linda Davis

February 7, 2022

Labeled a ‘song stylist’, Linda Davis’ unique ability to interpret a song has made her one of Nashville's favorite vocalists.

Linda Davis has played to sold-out crowds with the likes of Garth Brooks, George Strait, Reba McEntire and Kenny Rogers just to name a few. In 2016, Linda and her family, including husband Lang Scott, and daughters Hillary Scott (of Lady A) and Rylee Scott, released the critically acclaimed, 2-time GRAMMY-winning album, Hillary Scott & The Scott Family - Love Remains, which topped the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart and debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Top Country Album's chart.

Linda’s husband, Lang Scott, a talented songwriter & musician who was the guitarist and background vocalist in Reba McEntire’s band for seven years. Lang was the first National Champion of The Nashville Network's You Can Be A Star. 

Lang Scott has had songs recorded by LeeAnn Rimes, JoDee Messina & his wife, Linda Davis.
Both are some of the most talented singer/songwriters in Nashville. 

EP 38 - Leo Fender: The Quiet Giant Heard Around the World with Randall Bell

February 2, 2022

Occasionally, the world produces one of those rare thinkers that alter the course of history.

Disney reinvented entertainment, Edison lit up our lives with the light bulb, … and Leo Fender revolutionized the sound of music.

If you think about it, Leo Fender has influenced every person on earth today – at least everyone who has ever heard a song.

Guitar Player Magazine declared that Clarence Leo Fender is the father of the solid body guitar. Not only did he invent it, but Leo’s guitars were used by everyone from Elvis Presley to Eric Clapton and from Jimmy Page to Jimmy Hendrix. 

Indeed, Rolling Stone Magazine published a list of the world's top 100 guitarists, and 90 of them used one of Leo's guitars on stage, and the others used guitars that copied Leo's inventions and concepts.

The highest price ever spent for music memorabilia was not for Michael Jackson’s glove or Elvis’ jumpsuit. It was for a Fender Stratocaster, which sold for over $4 million.

Our guest today is Dr. Randall Bell, we’re going to get a rare look into the world of Leo Fender, The Quiet Giant Heard Around the World.

EP 37 - Makenzie Phipps

December 10, 2021

Musical talent has long run in the veins of viral sensation Makenzie Phipps. Following in the footsteps of her uncle - country music songwriter Ron Simons - Phipps has long been known as the little girl with the big voice in her home state of Virginia. But it is that talented little girl that has grown into a young woman whose talents shine brighter with each and every song she puts out. From her viral covers of “Amazing Grace” and ““Travelin’ Soldier” to her absolutely beautiful single “Maybe,” there is no doubt that this is just the beginning for Makenzie Phipps within a music genre custom made for her voice, her sound and her sweet sentiment.