May 3, 2021 EP 11 - Kelly Lang and T.G. Sheppard

Kelly Lang is making her second appearance on my show and has recently been featured on and Newsmax,  and she will be a featured guest on NBCXL April 9 for an interview and performance of “I’m Not Going Anywhere”. People around the country have been asking “who is singing this song,” I would like to tell you. It is singer/songwriter KellyLang! On top of that, her current album “Old Soul” is an absolute must listen.

With her today, is her husband, country superstar TG Sheppard. TG’s career has spanned over 45 years and resulted in 21 #1 hits. His new single "I'm A Song" was released this past February from his current album Midnight In Memphis. And he debuted "I'm A Song" on Huckabee.

TG’s live concerts are full of his chart-topping tunes like “Last Cheater’s Waltz,” “I Loved ‘Em Every One,” and “Do You Wanna Go To Heaven.” So without further a-due, let’s welcome one of country music’s most beautiful power couple with an everlasting love story, Kelly Lang and TG Sheppard!