May 10, 2021 EP 12 - Billy Dawson

BILLY DAWSON, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, entertainer, author and motivational speaker. Nashville Industry Music Awards awarded him with Artist of the year, Best Country Male Vocalist and Best Country Live Performer. In addition to his musical endeavors, Dawson is the author of (AMAZON best seller) "You Never Know", the first book in a series of children's books focusing bullying, racism and social issues involving children.

We discuss Billy’s new hit single ‘Sinners Saints’ and the impact his song ‘UNITE’ is bringing people together during this time in our nation where division is growing.

We are here today to talk about Billy Dawson’s new series ‘Seniors & Songwriters’, partnered with Meridian Senior Living. First episode premiered on Sounds Like Nashville and feature Civil Rights Activist and American Veteran Mr. Perkins. Billy sits down and talks with different residents and performs for them, while learning about them and hearing their stories.