May 25, 2021 EP 14 - Adam Warner

Adam Warner has proudly served our country as a United States Marine. He made the move to Nashville, Tennessee afterwards to pursue his desire to become a successful country music artist and carry on in the footsteps of those he had grown up listening to and admiring. 

Adam Warner co-wrote the project titled “Welcome To The South” and the tune used at Nissan Stadium for the Tennessee Titans as a “Welcome” song to the opposing teams! 

Adam’s first full length CD project is titled “Big Storm” and contains tunes he co-wrote as well as songs written by the legendary hit maker Kim Williams. His first single release was a song titled “Rowdy As Randall”. Adam released his first EP titled “Can’t Get Enough”. It contained the single ”SemperFi” featuring Trace Adkins (a song dedicated to all active and former military) which was recently awarded the 2019 Country Music Song of the year at the Independent Music awards in 2019. Let’s welcome country music’s newest and hottest male vocalist that knows how to rock a stage, Adam Warner!