February 2, 2022 EP 38 - Leo Fender: The Quiet Giant Heard Around the World with Randall Bell

Occasionally, the world produces one of those rare thinkers that alter the course of history.

Disney reinvented entertainment, Edison lit up our lives with the light bulb, … and Leo Fender revolutionized the sound of music.

If you think about it, Leo Fender has influenced every person on earth today – at least everyone who has ever heard a song.

Guitar Player Magazine declared that Clarence Leo Fender is the father of the solid body guitar. Not only did he invent it, but Leo’s guitars were used by everyone from Elvis Presley to Eric Clapton and from Jimmy Page to Jimmy Hendrix. 

Indeed, Rolling Stone Magazine published a list of the world's top 100 guitarists, and 90 of them used one of Leo's guitars on stage, and the others used guitars that copied Leo's inventions and concepts.

The highest price ever spent for music memorabilia was not for Michael Jackson’s glove or Elvis’ jumpsuit. It was for a Fender Stratocaster, which sold for over $4 million.

Our guest today is Dr. Randall Bell, we’re going to get a rare look into the world of Leo Fender, The Quiet Giant Heard Around the World.