March 29, 2022 EP 43 - William Lee Golden & The Goldens: The Family’s Favorite Songs

Country and Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry member William Lee Golden and his sons ‘The Goldens’ continue to celebrate the success of their current
single, “Come And Dine,” off their upcoming 
album, Old Country Church Gospel. 

“Come And Dine” has received overwhelmingly positive responses on social media, surpassing 1 million views on Facebook. Not only is the single their first #1 hit, but it has held the spot on the CDX-TRACtion Southern Gospel & Positive Country Chart for 7 weeks now! 

A favorite of Golden and his sons, the tune is an upbeat classic that calls to feast at the table with Jesus. “Come And Dine” was the first of three singles released off their three-album collection including two others titled Country Roads: Vintage Country Classics, and Southern Accents:
 Pop & Country Rock. 

The albums contain over 30 songs spread amongst several genres that all have an impact on the lives and careers of William Lee Golden and The Goldens.