May 16, 2022 EP 45 - Music, Fashion and Rock n’Roll with Tom Cridland

Tom Cridland is a singer songwriter. When he started writing songs. he prolifically recorded over 100 of them and then played a gig all 48 continental US states. Tom's original music then caught the attention of the legendary Philadelphia soul band, The Stylistics, who invited him to perform his songs with them on their 2021 UK tour. Tom's latest single, I Wanna Be Home Alone, is a collaboration with longtime Elton John guitarist, Davey Johnstone.

Tom's Greatest Music of All Time Podcast features candid conversations with his esteemed guests about pop culture, current affairs and the music that means the most to them. Episodes have featured Annie Lennox, Dionne Warwick, Chance the Rapper, Smokey Robinson, Kevin Bacon, Sir Cliff Richard, Lynyrd Skynyrd, David Crosby, Pixies, The Hollies, Steve Perry of Journey, by now you get it that Tom Cridland is becoming pop culture himself.

Tom also designs clothing to last longer and be treasured, in direct contrast to the fast fashion philosophy that has become so prevalent in modern culture.