June 29, 2022 EP 47 - Global Pop Star SHAB Talks New Song CRISS CROSS

The youngest of 13 children and coming to America when she was just 14 years old. She became an American citizen in 1997 and not only proud to call herself an American, but her talent has a global appeal that cannot be matched by today’s pop stars. Following her #2 spot on the Pop Charts with the hit single Music to My Heart, SHAB, has released her hot new single, ‘CRISS CROSS’. A song filled with an ever-burning romantic passion. Within the vocals lies alluring melodies dancing around dark seducing beats. 

Produced by Grammy-winning producer Damon Sharpe, ‘CRISS CROSS’ deserves to be the theme song of everlasting love.
And with millions of YouTube views and fans worldwide, SHAB delivers a kaleidoscope of sound that goes hand-in-hand with her introspective and powerful lyrics with huge choruses and distinct yet unpredictable vocals in the purest recordings in pop music today.