July 5, 2022 EP 49 - Lupita Infante: Keeping Her Family Legacy and Mexico’s Beautiful Music Traditions Alive

With an elegant and graceful style reminiscent of Mexico’s classic mariachi crooners, recording artist Lupita Infante brings a sensual and soothing vocal contrast to the bold sounds of regional Mexican music. Infante’s GRAMMY nominated debut album, “La Serenata”, is proof that she is a star on the rise not only for her talent but for her perseverance. Although heir to the Infante Mexican music and film dynasty, Lupita has worked diligently amidst hardship for her current successes. 

She had a humble upbringing typical of working class immigrant families in south east Los Angeles. She was far removed from the spotlight and luxury that her last name might suggest. After her father’s untimely death in 2009, Lupita rose from the ashes and decided to pick up the torch of the Infante legacy. 

Lupita understands her responsibility as an artist following in her family’s footsteps. She is often acclaimed for continuing the legacy that brings cross-generational audiences to admire Mexico’s beautiful music traditions. Along the way, she has emerged as an artist with her own identity, capable of honoring the past while celebrating the present and creating the future.