July 6, 2022 EP 50 - Ian Flanigan: Hard Work Equals Success and new Singles ‘Under the Southern Sky’ and ‘Last Name On it’

When it comes to the troubadour lifestyle, Ian Flanigan is a pro. For the last decade Ian has toured across America, with a country sound reminiscent of Joe Cocker and Chris Stapleton.
Singer, songwriter, a celebrated finalist on NBC’s The Voice, the world has since tapped him as an up-and-coming artist to watch. Following a year of milestones, Ian Flanigan is overwhelmingly grateful for the response to his most recent single, “Grow Up” featuring Blake Shelton and released under Reviver Music. 

Blake Shelton called Ian Flanigan “A once in a lifetime vocalist” and "The most unique voice maybe I've ever heard on The Voice." Usher called him a "Top Gun." Gwen Stefani said, "Nobody has a voice that sounds like that, it's just so rare."

Let’s welcome one of the most distinct voices in music today to talk about his current single and more, the one and only Ian Flanigan.