May 18, 2022 EP 46 - America’s Got Talent Sensation Celina Graves Inspires Her Fans Across America

Celina Graves grew up in Mira Mesa, CA a small town where the challenges she faced as their family came to grips with her mother’s drug addiction were keenly felt by young Celina. 

She developed her own ear for piano and guitar and with her father’s encouragement, she posted videos on YouTube, earning an astounding 6 million views at age 16.

Celina strives to inspire people to be themselves and never change for anyone or anything. Her voice captures the spirit of so many as she writes and sings from the heart. 

Most recently Celina sung the National Anthem for the 2020 San Diego Padres Playoff game and their 2021 season opener along with the MLS LA Galaxy game. 

Celina Graves is best known for her performances on Season 15 of America’s Got Talent progressing to the semifinal round.

Celina is anxiously anticipating the release of her debut CD to follow her pop dance single “Changing Ways” on the Three 2 Go Music label.