July 14, 2022 EP 53 - One of Australia’s Greatest Songwriters Andrew Farriss (co-founder of INXS)

Known as ONE OF AUSTRALIA’S GREATEST SONGWRITERS, ANDREW FARRISS is known as the co-founder and the main songwriter, keyboardist/guitarist, and backing vocalist for multi-award winning iconic band INXS selling over 50 million albums. 

Andrew Farriss recently released his self-titled debut album, inspired by adventure and the unknown. He put his heart into the creation of the album which is evident through his imaginative lyrics and stylistic melodies. “Drifting” sets the tone for each dynamic song, delivering hopeful energy that makes you want to pack up and head out for your own unique adventure.

Nothing can stop Andrew Farriss’s creativity and his new album screams road trip, so hang on and let’s welcome the one of Australia’s greatest musical talents, the one and only Andrew Farriss.