July 25, 2022 EP 55 - Dan Kouba: We The People

Country music singer/songwriter Dan Kouba proves his dedication to the well-being of our country with the release of his latest patriotic single “We The People.” Drawing from ideas written out in the U.S. Constitution, the song showcases Kouba’s love for our nation. The inspiring song recognizes those who fought for our country and urges everyone across the country to come together in unity. “We The People” was premiered by Center Stage Magazine and is available to download and stream on all digital platforms now!

Kouba’s gifted vocals and songwriting skills go beyond this new single. Dan Kouba’s talent shines in each tune he creates, giving listeners songs that are both relatable and meaningful. 

Full of life and feeding off the world around him, the release of “We The People” proves there is no slowing down for the accomplished musician. Fans will not want to miss everything Dan Kouba has planned in the next few months!